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Water Utilities as the Driving Force to Accelerate Universal Access towards SDG-6

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The state of the global water and sanitation workforce

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Engineering Planning and Service Area Digitization (GIS)

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A Regional Overview of the Key Water Sector Issue

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Innovative Needle Felt Hoses for Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation CIPP

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SCADA – Information as Treasure and a Key to Efficiency

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Transposition of the European Water Directives in the Legislation of Kosova


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UoF Center of Excellence – Knowledge, Innovation and Collaboration Hub

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Handling Consumer Complaints about Water Services in Kosova

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Financial Management of Companies, Funding Sources and Subsidy Policy

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Design of Experiment Analysis for Assessing Parameter Influence on Disinfection of Effluent in SBR and AST Treatment Systems

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Customer perception in evaluating services and the effect on payment

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Best Practice Experience Adaptation Options for Balkan Region- Lessons Learned for Better Customer Management

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Rehabilitation of the Sewage Network with no Digging: Practice and Experience

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The Development of an Electrochemical Decentral Household Treatment Unit