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The Technical Plastics division of ALIAXIS Utilities & Industry GmbH focuses on jointing technology for PE pipe systems and their transition possibilities with classic materials. Website:http://aliaxis-ui.com/



Budapest Waterworks currently supplies over 2 million people with healthy drinking water, as well it provides wastewater disposal and treatment services for its customers in Budapest and a further 12 municipalities relying on its world-class technological background. In terms of size and technological quality, Budapest Waterworks, with its 150-year history, is one of the leading water utility service providers in Central Eastern Europe.

The professional, planning and construction knowledge based on 150 years of operating experience and outstanding engineering skills provide an excellent background for technical development projects, such as the development of mobile water treatment units and investments implemented in facility and network using internal resources.

In April 2017, the Global Water Summit in Madrid honored the Company with a Gold Standard for Utility Performance Prize as a Member of the Leading Utilities of the World Network.

The Hungarian Water Cluster was established in 2008 and has 30 member companies. Its activities cover all segments of the water industry: water treatment; reduction of non-revenue water; water and drainage systems; NO-DIG technologies; municipal and industrial wastewater treatment; stormwater management; water prospecting – well drilling; flood management – disaster recovery.






Budapest Waterworks Subsidiaries are the daughters companies of Budapest Waterworks. For over 20 years these companies are cooperating with Budapest Waterworks and are involved in working in the international market dealing with consulting and engineering activities in various projects such as construction of horizontal wells, water loss analysis and management, liquid waste and wastewater management up to the overall construction of public utility infrastructure.



Diehl Metering is a corporate division of the Diehl Group, headquartered in Nuremberg. With a total annual turnover of 3.749 billion euros, the technology company employs around 17.173 people worldwide. The corporate division Metering supplies solutions for the intelligent use of water, thermal energy, gas and electricity. Diehl Metering provides smart metering solutions to utilities companies through the intelligent networking of various metering devices into larger data platforms. These solutions offer transparency for utilities and municipalities, and enable considerably increased efficiency in reading, billing and service processes. Diehl Metering’s customers are also able to benefit from real-time effects such as early recognition of leaks and the optimisation of distribution networks through intelligent information regarding prompt adjustment of the offer to suit actual needs.

With Diehl Metering you are already perfectly equipped for smart metering as an important component of smart city concepts. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience with the company’s own radio technology, Diehl Metering has at its disposal excellent expertise in communications within the Internet of Things. Moreover, security of customer data has the highest priority. Website: https://www.diehl.com/metering/en/ 



Pipe systems safeguarding future generations

Egeplast is an extremely innovative manufacturer of plastic pipe systems, and has been setting benchmarks for decades.  Customers in over 30 countries rely on egeplast consultancy solutions and quality products for transporting water, gas and data.  The customers of the owner-run enterprise include some of the largest and most demanding utility companies and network operators in the world. Website: https://www.egeplast.de/en/




Hidromentori Sh.pk started its activity in Kosovo in 2005 and in Albania in 2010. The main activity of our company is the import and trading of materials for water supply and sewerage sector and urban planning. Our goal is to offer competitive prices to the market, high quality in compliance with all the highest European and world standards, warranty and technical support. All this thanks to the experience gained from the projects conducted in Albania and Kosovo and our partnership with well-known firms in the world such as Aliaxis, Friatec, AVK, Egeplast, Romold, Bender Armaturen, Primusline etc. Website: http://www.hidromentori.com/



ITA – Italian Trade Agency is the Governmental agency that supports the business development of our companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy.
With a motivated and modern organization and a widespread network of overseas offices, ITA provides information, assistance, consulting, promotion and training to Italian small and medium-sized businesses. Using the most modern multi-channel promotion and communication tools, it acts to assert the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.


In collaboration with:


https://www.oice.it/                                                                   http://www.anima.it/

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Italian companies cathalogues:

Process Engineering S.r.l.



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IncoWest, a German Engineering & Consulting Company, provides comprehensive professional services for international infrastructure projects. The Company combines extensive technical, operational & institutional knowledge. Website: http://www.incowest.de/



Konti Hidroplast

KONTI HIDROPLAST is a factory for production of Poliethilen and PP , waters and sewage pipes and manholes. Contact: +38975221043/ +355 67 2022043

Website: http://www.konti-hidroplast.com.mk/




We are a second generation family company which traces its origins back to 1987. Our business is manufacturing and sale of a whole range of plumbing elements, such as valves, hydrants, connecting elements, fitting, manhole covers and many others. We have recently moved our production line to a completely new and modern facility, which continues to be in full accordance with global standards for Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001:2004). These certificates were awarded by the prestigious House of Bureau Veritas. Web: http://www.kazgroup.com.mk/




Our experience these past 15 years in the local, regional and international market, serves as a basis for improving the work of our customers. Offering creative and innovative solutions, we guarantee high quality and sustainability of our products and services. Our qualifications and experience in various fields of the energy, water and mining sector enables us realizing projects from engineering and design up to the entire project built. Our competence is built on a team of experienced engineers that is able to solve client`s problems and offer solutions in all of our activity sectors. We work in Water Management, Wastewater, Energy, Heating and Mining. KWE guarantees the provision of the quality of products and services which are applied in industrial sectors. Website: http://k-we.com/



Novamat Logo

Novamat Ltd was established on dt.15.04.2008 with the main headquarters in Tirana. Enough experience and credibility of the company’s customers became a initiative for Novamat GmbH to come aslo in the Albanian market. As partners and benevolent in industry and high quality we offer a wide range of products.

Our range of services and products extends from your home to powerful thermal power plants. If you produce food products or have an enterprise in the construction of furnace or boilers as well as in conventional or nuclear power plants, if you run a cement production plant, run a refinery, led an industry of paper then we offer quality, professionalism and longevity of your business. We believe in the values of partners and in their devotion, in their professionalism and expertise. Web: http://www.novamat.al/






Rädlinger primus line GmbH is the manufacturer of the Primus Line® system, an innovative relining solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes for different applications such as water, gas and oil. The system consists of a flexible Kevlar® reinforced liner and specially developed end fittings. Clients benefit from long insertion lengths of up to 2,500 m in one single step and the product’s ability to traverse bends of up to 45 degrees. Primus Line® is not bonded to the host pipe and is self-supporting. An annulus remains between Primus Line® and the host pipe.

Small construction pits, short rehabilitation times and the low level of impact on the environment, make Primus Line® the ideal technology for the rehabilitation of defective lines in sensitive environments. Developed by experienced engineers and more than 15 years in business, the system is suitable for various application needs and has already proven itself in numerous projects.




DeveloPPP.de programme has been set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to foster the involvement of private sector at a point where business opportunities and development policy initiatives intersect. Strategic Development Partnerships are generally transnational in scope, their focus is relevant to the entire sector and they bring together various global actors from trade and industry, governments and non-governmental organisations, and other national and international organisations.

One such partnership is established between Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Hydro-Comp Enterprises Ltd. (HCE) from Cyprus to implement Integrated Asset Management (IAM) advisory services for Water Utilities in South-Eastern Europe. It provides technical assistance, software and capacity development to water utilities from Western Balkan to perform a full range of Asset Management activities in the utilities.

The IAM program has started in 2017 for water utilities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia and as of January 2019 it is also available for the utilities from Albania and Kosovo. The IAM programme is implemented in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Setting up and maintaining a validated network geographical database / asset registry, effectively performing proper Network Data Management;

Stage 2: Maintenance Management for improving productivity and efficiency of the maintenance function and service delivery;

Stage 3: Advisory services on Commercial Data Management, Water Quality Management, Distribution/ NRW Management, Rehabilitation/ Maintenance Planning and Infrastructure Planning.

www.giz.de/regional-funds-southeasteurope & YouTube: SEEAM



Institucion financiar jo bankare I licencuar nga Banka Qendrore e Kosovës për kryerjen e shërbimeve Arkëtim /Pagesave si dhe ofrimin e shërbimit Western Union transfer parash.

Unioni Financiar Prishtinë ofron shërbimin Western Union transfer parash dhe shërbimin Arkëtime dhe Pagesa në më se 150 lokacione në gjithë territorin e Kosovës.

Shërbimi I Arkëtim /Pagesave ofrohet nga UFP për pjesën dërumese të kompanive publike dhe private.





Company Varus is establish in 1990 in Skopje as a official representative company for portfolio of Merck , Darmstadt and later Millipore and Sigma Aldrich as one global company worldwide nowadays

As an exclusive representative company, we are covering Macedonian, Kosovo and Albanian market.

Our portfolio contain chemicals, reagents, microbiology and various laboratory equipment for quality control of the product, which means in your case drinking water, surface and sewage water.

Being a member of SHUKALB , ADKOM and SHUKOS means  that we are involve and present in almost all the Waterworks and Canalization companies besides Water and Beveridge’s bottling industry, Pharma industry, Environmental labs, QC and Public Health Organizations etc.

We are also ipresent in projects finance by GIS / GTZ , IPARD considering equipping the labs in Waterworks and canalization companies in our region offering full technical and applicative support from point zero to full equipped laboratory.