The Technical Program Committee of the Conference is composed of recognized experts with a long working professional experience from the water sector in Albania, Kosovo and the Balkan region, including representatives from the main institutions at the central and local level, water utilities, and academic institutions.
The Conference Technical Program Committee is responsible for ensuring a good balance and quality of the papers that will be presented during the Conference, and is composed of the following members:

Prof. Asoc Enkelejda Gjinali

Principal Lecturer, Environmental Engineering Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania

Dafina Syla

Spokesperson, Regional Water Company “Gjakova”, Kosovo

Valbona Paja

Deputy General Director, Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Shkodra, Albania

Rozarta Pura

Legal Advisor, Durrës Regional Water Supply and Sewerage Company, Albania

Jovan Gjika

Projects Coordinator, National Agency of Water Supply-Sewerage and Solid Waste, Albania

Baton Begolli

Water Policy Advisor, Inter-Ministerial Water Council, Office of the Prime Minister, Kosovo

Etleva Demiri

Responsible for the Technical & Licenses Sector, Water Regulatory Authority, Albania

Frosela Filo

Commercial Director, Korçë Regional Water and Sewerage Company, Albania

Laura Kusari

Professor, Faculty of Construction and Architecture, Kosova

Armend Avdiu

Executive Director Office Coordinator, Regional Water Company Prishtina, Kosova

Besnik Aliu

Head of the Legal Office, Bifurkation Regional Water Company, Ferizaj, Kosovo

Niman Baliu

Media Expert, Mitrovica Regional Water Company, Kosova