Closure of the Conference:

Technical Session 12: Drinking Water Quality

Moderator:Jeton Shabani,RWC Bifurkacioni Ferizaj, Kosovo
Dr. Burbuqe Nushi-Latifi, Dr. Linda Maxhuni, National Institute for Public Health, Kosovo
"Drinking Water Quality Assurance and its Effects on Public Health"
Luljeta Ajdini, University of Business and Technology, Kosovo
"Determining the Bioquality of Drinking Water from the Open Water Supply Channel to the Drinking Water Processing Plant in Skabaj Based on Diatoms"

Technical Session 11: Water Utilities Management II

Moderator: Nadire Vitija, Water and Wastewater Works Association, Kosovo
Valbona Paja, Shkodër Water Supply and Sewerage Company, Albania
"Best Benchmarking Practices in the Albanian and Kosovo Water Utilities"
Giel A.W. Verbeeck, TreeVelop Projects & Processes, Netherlands
"Using modelling software to prepare FAST compliant complex 3FS models for WSS"

Plenary Session 4: Circular Economy in the Wastewater Context

Moderator:Prof. Asoc. Enkelejda Gjinali,Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania
Petrit Tare, Administrator, Korçë Regional Water and Sewerage Company, Albania
Leonat Muskollari,Advisor for Water and Sanitation, Customer and Performance Oriented Drinking Water and Sanitation Services, GIZ Albania
Arbana Kola,Project Manager, Water Supply and Sewerage Association, Albania
Lorik Dervishaj,Head of Construction of Peja Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kosovo (TBD)

Technical Session 10: Wastewater Management II

Moderator:Aranit Ukimeri,RWC Hidroregjioni Jugor Prizren, Kosovo
Sanja Horvat,Sewage Disposal in Southwest Kosovo, Phase III (Gjakova),Kosovo
"Accompanying Measures in Operation and Maintenance of ITUN in Gjakova"
Ylberinë Baliu, Y.E.S. Kosovo
"Rationalisation of Wastewater Infrastructure in Kosovo"
Avni Caka,Gjakova Regional Water Company, Kosovo
"Identifying Problems in the Sewerage System Using CCTV"
Egzona Bejtullahu, Young Water Profesional, Kosovo
"Comparison of Two Effluent Disinfection Tanks with Different Geometric Designs"

Technical Session 9: Water Utilities Management I

Moderator: Dr. Katerina Schilling, IAWD, Austria
Afrim Lajçi, Inter-Ministerial Water Council, Office of Prime Minister, Kosovo
"Water Safety Plans as a Global Approach to Ensuring Drinking Water Quality"
Elton Hasanaj, Water Supply and Sewerage Association, Albania
"Water Security Plans: Risk and Hazard Assessment Tool"
Radoslav Russev, Wadata, Bulgaria
"A Danube Region Master Class on Utility Management: Success Stories from UMT, Cycle 1"

Technical Session 8: Wastewater Management I

Moderator: Zef Maçi, Lezhë Regional Water Supply and Sewerage Company, Albania
Ervin Buçpapaj, Sewage Disposal in Southwest Kosovo, Phase IV (Peje), Kosovo
"Industrial Wastewater Management – Legal framework in Kosovo"
Elton Hasanaj, Water Supply and Sewerage Association, Albania
"Application of Nature-Based Solutions for Wastewater Treatment in Shtiqen Village, Kukës "
Prof. Ass. Dr. Lavdim Osmanaj, The University of Pristina, Kosovo
"Application of Nature-Based Solutions for Wastewater Treatment in Raushiq Village, Peja"
Lumni Sallahu, RWC Hidroregjioni Jugor Prizren, Kosovo
"Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Plants"

Technical Session 7: Energy Crisis: Challenges and Mitigation Measures

Moderator: Dr. Evis Gjebrea,Tirana Water Supply & Sewerage Company, Albania
Flauers Shoshi, AKUM, Albania
"Energy Efficiency in Water and Sewerage Companies"
Christian Minelli, Association of European Water Regulators, WAREG, Italy
“Addressing the Impacts of the Energy Crisis in the Water Sector in Europe: The role of Economic Regulators”
Shamil Rexhepi, Energy and Water services Regulatory Commission of The Republic of North Macedonia
"Facing the Energy Crisis and the Regulatory Challenges in North Macedonia"
Zsuzsanna Nagy, DHI Group, Hungari
"Energy Efficience and Water Loss—The New Way of Handling Water Supply Systems"