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ALIAXIS Utilities & Industry GmbH

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The Technical Plastics division of ALIAXIS Utilities & Industry GmbH focuses on jointing technology for PE pipe systems and their transition possibilities with classic materials. Website:http://aliaxis-ui.com/


AVK International A/S

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AVK International A/S manufactures valves, hydrants and accessories. Our products are part of solutions used for distribution of potable water, cleaning and recycling of wastewater, as well as for transportation of water. http://www.avkvalves.eu/


ADG Valve

ADG was founded in 1984. With more than 22 years of confirmed expertise ADG is a unique portfolio of world-class manufacturers of valves and fittings with the ability of developing and financing its own line of Products.
Our Mission: is to answer your requests, to deliver ambitious global solutions in the field of water supply, water distribution, irrigation and turnkey projects.
Our Objective: Our objective is to make our business competitive worldwide. With an adaptable marketing strategy ADG’ s network brings solutions to each of your requirements in order to give total satisfaction at every level ranging from basic demands to turnkey projects.
With a flexible operating strategy ADG’s network provides combined solutions integrating innovation, quality, manufacturing techniques adapted cost to upgrade efficiency.
Together with ADG lets build the water network of the future. Website: www.adgvalve.com


Budapest Waterworks


Budapest Waterworks as one of the most innovative water utilities of Europe offers worldwide water solutions, engineering services including financing alternatives with favourable conditions through Hungarian Eximbank.  Web: www.waterworks.hu





Consulting Engineering Center (CEC)


Consulting Engineering Center (CEC) is an international consulting engineering firm active since 1974 through its branches in Albania, Jordan, Europe, Africa and Middle East. CEC has proven record with more than 500 projects in 31 countries around the world. CEC Covers all fields related to water, wastewater collection and treatment, effluent re-use, dams, environmental impact assessments, roads, transportation and renewable energy projects. Such scope encompasses technical assistance, feasibility studies, engineering designs, construction supervision and management, quality control, cost recovery systems setup, as well as, institutional strengthening and training.

CEC is among the first consulting engineering firms to acquire the European Foundation for Quality Management Certification (EFQM) and ISO 9001 certification. Also, CEC has been awarded, by the Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC), the Seal of Excellence for three years. And CEC is proud to be the first company to attain King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for 4 cycles. For more information about CEC history, scope of works and experiences please visit our website: http://www.cecsajdi.com



Diehl Metering


DIEHL Metering GesmbH office in Vienna (earlier ELIN Waterwork Technology – EWT) is Austria’s best-known company in the field of water metering. It was originally founded as Siemens-Halske Water Meters in 1920 and has been part of the Diehl Metering group since 2001. The old-established supplier of water and heat meters operates internationally and is Austria’s market leader in water metering and Automatic Meter Reading. DIEHL Metering sells its entire product range by a well established regional partner network in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Our range has the right technology for every requirement. We manufacture ultrasonic water meters which define the future of water metering as well as single-jet or multi-jet velocity meters, Woltman bulk water meters, rotary piston and volume meters. The ultrasonic technology ensures optimum precision and long-term stability – even with heavily soiled water or air in the pipes. We also supply meters with extreme nominal sizes and special orders on request. DIEHL Metering offers a comprehensive portfolio of metering systems: innovative reading technologies (wireless or wired), software for energy data management and middleware for use in Smart Metering systems. The standard communication makes it possible to read water, heat/cooling, gas and electricity on the same system platform.

DIEHL Metering contacts:

Hainburger Straße 33  Your contact person: A-1030 Vienna Mr. Georg Pöchmann; Tel. +43 1716 70- 47  Regional Manager. Web: www.diehl.com/metering  georg.poechmann@diehl.com




Ferplast company was founded in 1996 by 7 shareholding , and extends in an area of 52.000m which owns 15 production lines with 105 employees . Since 1996 until today, Ferplast company has managed to be present in whole Kosovo market and has exported its goods in many countries in the Ballkan and Europe. Production base of the Ferplast’s company is :

  1. Canalization Pipes- corrugated system and Krah Pipe from Ø 110 to Ø 2000
  2. Water supply pipes from Ø 20 to Ø 630 , Pressure PN6 , PN 10 , PN 16, PN 20, PN 25 and Pn32.
  3. Drainage pipes from Ø110 to Ø 160 .
  4. Electrical and telecommunication cable pipes from Ø40 to Ø 160
  5. household sewerage pipes PP-H from Ø 50 to Ø 160 .
  6. Sewerage pipes PVC from Ø 110 to Ø 160 .

Regarding to the quality Ferplast Company has achieved the highest Europian standards and as a guarantee of this, is :
1. Internal Ferplast Lab.
2. ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certificates from QEC – England

3. Certificates from “ RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF BUILDING MATERIALS “ – Bulgaria

Ferplast works with the most sophisticated German and Italian technology and if you have the opportunity to visit us , you will be convinced on the range quality of our productions…Website: http://www.ferplast-ks.com/




Grundfos is present worldwide. Through 83 companies we are directly accessible in 56 countries, and through our network of partners, distributors and subdealers, we are present in even more. The company employs around 18,500 people today. Poul Due Jensen founded the company in 1945 from his basement in Bjerringbro, Denmark. The first pump made was a water pump. Through the decades, we have sharpened our skills, and to this day, we take pride in moving water to where it should be. Using as little energy as possible when doing it.

Optimised water solutions. Grundfos supplies a full line of equipment and solutions designed specifically for water utility applications. Grundfos is at the forefront in promoting and facilitating energy efficiency and sustainable technology, ensuring that water supply and wastewater facilities meet future challenges and regulations. Website: http://www.grundfos.com/market-areas/water/water-utility.html




Kompania ” GERMAN PLAST ” SH.P.K ka filluar së ekzistuari prej datës 12/03/2014 si shoqëri me përgjegjësi të kufizuar me numër biznesi 71039293, dhe me numër fiskal 601085039. Pronar të aksioneve janë: Z. Zenun Krasniqi, Z. Agron Krasniqi, Z. Fatmir Krasniqi. Adresa e biznesit është Junik. ” GERMAN PLAST ” SH.P.K është një kompani e cila përfshin në vete: fabrikën e prodhimit të gypave te ujit HDPE 100. Disa nga veprimtarit e kësaj kompanie janë: Prodhimi i artikujve të plastikës për ndërtimtari; Kultivimi i drithërave, bimëve bishtajore; Kultivimi i perimeve, pjeprave dhe shalqirit, bimëve rrënjore dhe tuberoze’; Kultivimi i bimëve fibroze; Kultivimi i bimëve të tjera  një vjeçare; Kultivimi i frutave me bërthamë dhe frutave me farë; Kultivimi i kulturave për prodhimin e pijeve; Rritja e shpezëve dhe rritja e kafshëve etj.

Kompania ofron produktet të një kualiteti të lartë për tregun vendor dhe ndërkombëtar, me makineri të teknologjisë së fundit. ” GERMAN PLAST ” SH.P.K prodhon gjithsej 48 lloje të gypave të ujësjellësit, me cilësi HDPE 100 dhe HDPE 100RC të madhësisë prej Ø50 deri Ø250. Produktet tona janë të licencuara sipas standardeve PAS 99, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007. Materiali HDPE ka përparësi të shumta krahasuar me materialet tradicionale të përdorura për prodhimin e gypave. Është shumë lehtë i përpunueshëm. Gypat janë të thjeshtë për t’u instaluar, janë të lehtë në peshë, fleksibilë dhe lehtësisht montohen për të krijuar një rrjet që nuk do të pikojë asnjëherë. Kanë cilësi e lartë sipas standardeve ndërkombëtare. Shtresa e jashtme është e zezë me 4 vija të kaltra. Gypat janë rezistentë ndaj shtypjes 9.6, 10, 12.5 dhe 16 bar. Lënda e parë ka një dendësi të lartë dhe një shpërndarje bimodale të masës molekulare. Ky material i plotëson standardet ndërkombëtare për prodhimin e gypave të ujit të pijshëm sipas standardit ISO 9001. Burimi:http://german-plast.com/

Hungarian Water Technology Corporation Kft.



HWTC specialises in the design and complete implementation of drinking water treatment plants, construction of wastewater treatment plants, membrane desalination plants, installation of SCADA and process control systems. Website: http://www.hunwatertech.com/





IncoWest Consult

IncoWest Logo - 60x24cm

IncoWest, a German Engineering & Consulting Company, provides comprehensive professional services for international infrastructure projects. The Company combines extensive technical, operational & institutional knowledge. Website: http://www.incowest.de/




Kompania IKOM ka një traditë 70 vjecare në prodhimin e ujë matësve, në partneritet me kompaninë e njohur gjermane ELSTER. Ujë matësit e IKOM po ashtu përfshijnë teknologjinë SMART në matje të saktëdhe të lehtë të konsumit, çka e bënë IKOM të veçantë  është se në çdo produkt sigurohet dhe garantohet matja shumë e saktë e konsumit të ujit qoftë ajo vetëm një pikë uji !



Konti Hidroplast

KONTI HIDROPLAST is a factory for production of Poliethilen and PP , waters and sewage pipes and manholes. Contact: +38975221043/ +355 67 2022043

Website: http://www.konti-hidroplast.com.mk/




We are a second generation family company which traces its origins back to 1987. Our business is manufacturing and sale of a whole range of plumbing elements, such as valves, hydrants, connecting elements, fitting, manhole covers and many others. We have recently moved our production line to a completely new and modern facility, which continues to be in full accordance with global standards for Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001:2004). These certificates were awarded by the prestigious House of Bureau Veritas. Web: http://www.kazgroup.com.mk/




WILO SE, with headquarters in Dortmund, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for heating, air conditioning and cooling technology, as well as for water supplies and sewage treatment and disposal. Website: http://www.wilo.com/



Vodoskok d.d. is the trading company established in 2003 on knowledge and experience of its founders. In short period company Vodoskok d.d. achieved rapid increase in sales and became the strongest link in wholesale of quality Piping products including Pipes, Fittings and Flanges for: water supply systems; sewage disposal and precipitation water drainage systems; gas pipelines; pressure and non-pressure sewerage;telecommunications protection; pre-insulated systems

Today, we are a part of the Vodoskok Group that includes:Vodoskok d.d. Zagreb – Croatia; Vodoskok d.o.o. Tomislavgrad – Bosnia and Herzegovina; Vodoskok Skopje Dooel Skopje – Macedonia; Heplast-pipe d.o.o. Prelog– Croatia– production of  PP and PE pipes, fittings and manholes; Fidens prijevoz d.o.o. Zagreb – Croatia – transport company with more than 20 transport units; Branch office Vodoskok d.d. – R. Serbia; Branch office Vodoskok d.d. – Slovenia; Branch office Vodoskok d.d. – Kosovo.

Website: http://vodoskok.hr/



Novamat Logo

Novamat Ltd was established on dt.15.04.2008 with the main headquarters in Tirana. Enough experience and credibility of the company’s customers became a initiative for Novamat GmbH to come aslo in the Albanian market. As partners and benevolent in industry and high quality we offer a wide range of products.

Our range of services and products extends from your home to powerful thermal power plants. If you produce food products or have an enterprise in the construction of furnace or boilers as well as in conventional or nuclear power plants, if you run a cement production plant, run a refinery, led an industry of paper then we offer quality, professionalism and longevity of your business. We believe in the values of partners and in their devotion, in their professionalism and expertise. Web: http://www.novamat.al/




Hidromentori Sh.pk started its activity in Kosovo in 2005 and in Albania in 2010. The main activity of our company is the import and trading of materials for water supply and sewerage sector and urban planning.  Our goal is to offer competitive prices to the market, high quality in compliance with all the highest European and world standards, warranty and technical support.  All this thanks to the experience gained from the projects conducted in Albania and Kosovo and our partnership with well-known firms in the world such as Aliaxis, Friatec, AVK, Egeplast, Romold, Bender Armaturen, Primusline etc.  Website:  http://www.hidromentori.com/


Hidro Project Sh.p.k.


Hidro Project Sh.p.k. me pronarë Xhavit Ahmataj, me seli në Prishtinë, e themeluar më 22.10.2014 me NRB: 71102459 Adresa:Bulevardi Bill Clinton14/1.

Vizioni i Hidro Project është furnizimi projektimi dhe ndërtimi, bazuar në standardet europiane dhe emër për saktësi dhe korrektësi. Mision ka furnizimin ndërtimin dhe projektimin kryesisht në Ujësjellëse, Kanalizim Impianta për pastrimin e ujrave të zeza dhe fabrika për përpunimin e ujit të pijes


  • Ngritja e vazhdueshme e kapaciteteve teknike dhe resurseve njerëzore.
  • Të rrisim shërbimet dhe cilësinë e tyre në ndërtim, në mënyrë që të jemi zgjidhja e parë për kërkesat e kësaj lëmie.
  • Ngritja e një bashkëpunimi të qëndrueshëm me operatoret vendor, rajonal dhe atyre nga vendet e BE-së në në ndërtim me qëllim të shkëmbimit të përvojave të suksesshme dhe investimeve të përbashkëta


  • Frunizimi, Projektimi në lëminë e ujësjellësitë, kanalizimit dhe impianteve.
  • Ndërtim në rrjetin e Ujësjellësitë
  • Ndërtim në rrjetin e Kanalizimit
  • Ndërtim të impiantëve për trajtim të ujërave të zeza.




Our experience these past 15 years in the local, regional and international market, serves as a basis for improving the work of our customers. Offering creative and innovative solutions, we guarantee high quality and sustainability of our products and services. Our qualifications and experience in various fields of the energy, water and mining sector enables us realizing projects from engineering and design up to the entire project built. Our competence is built on a team of experienced engineers that is able to solve client`s problems and offer solutions in all of our activity sectors. We work in Water Management, Wastewater, Energy, Heating and Mining. KWE guarantees the provision of the quality of products and services which are applied in industrial sectors.  Website: http://k-we.com/



linda logo

With over 90 years of experience in providing reliable, high-quality products. Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi Electric have products and solution for water and waste water sector. Our sales offices and manufacturing plants are located in over 30 countries. Website: http://linda-ks.com/




 ROMOLD is the European market leader for plastic chambers with the world’s largest product range. Products and services are innovative down to the last detail. Come and profit from our special future-oriented chamber solutions. Website: http://www.romold.de/

TREMA Engineering 2





Vibtis Ltd has been established in 30 August 2010.
Company activity is mainly focused in :

  • Import – Export of industrial products and trading
  • Services which are connected with it’s activities like Technical Consultancy.
  • Different services like assembly, welding, storage etc, with the support of a professional staff. 

Some of the materials that Vibtis trades include: Plumbing materials like: pipes, valves, water meters etc;  Pipes of different kinds ( HDPE, PVC, DCI, Iron, B/A ect), water supply system, sanitation, gas, oil refinery etc; Plastic wells PE apo PP, Lateral Connections, Wells b/a
Thanks to the reliability, credibility and the work of its dedicated staff our company managed since the beginning of its activity to collaborate with the major companies in Europe, to sign contracts with them and gain their trust as an authorized distributor. VIBITS is open to collaborate with international companies who need a strong and correct partner in Albania or other markets in order to deliver their products. With the gained experience VIBITS will continue to strengthen its market position by offering the best products in quality and price and by extending the sales in other markets of the region. We will continue to serve as best associate for the construction companies and in meeting their needs for the best products.  Website: http://www.vibtis.al/




Kompania  X sh.p.k. eshte kompani e krijuar ne vitin 2014 ne Prishtine  dhe kryesisht miret me Telemetri , lexim ne largesi te pasijeve – ujematesve , dirigjimin e paisjeve ne largesi me ane te AMR-se dhe GPRS-it , analizimin dhe hulumtimin e humbjeve ne rrjetin e ujesjellesit , furnizim me material per ujesjelles dhe industri , mirembatje te sistemeve te ndryshme industriale si dhe ofrimin e sherbimeve te servisit per sistemet e ndryshme te ujesjellesit dhe industris ne pergjithesi.