Official Opening of Exhibition

Greeting Remarks

H.E. Albin Kurti, Prime Minister, The Republic of Kosovo, (TBD)
H.E. Belinda Balluku, Vice Prime Minister; Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Albania (TBD)
H.E. Getoar Mjeku, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy, Kosovo
H.E. Linda Çavdarbasha, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, Kosovo
H.E. Thomas Kolly, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Swiss Embassy, Kosovo (TBD)
H.E. Laurent Torche, Deputy Head and First Secretary, Swiss Cooperation Office, Embassy of Switzerland, Kosovo
H.E. Matthias Conrad, Deputy Head of Mission, German Embassy, Kosovo

Official Welcome

Zenel Zenelaj, President, Water and Wastewater Works Association, Kosovo Chief Executive Officer, Regional Water Company, Southern Hidroregion Prizren, Kosovo
Petrit Tare, President, Water Supply and Sewerage Association, Albania Administrator, Korçë Regional Water and Sewerage Company, Albania