Adem Ahmetaj, Ministry of Economic Development, Kosova
“Selection, Establishment and Function of Supervisory Boards”

Adrián Kiss, Hungarian Water Technology Corporation Ltd., Hungary
Increasing Use of SCADA Systems in the Operation of Water Utilities, Shkodra Case

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NRW Reduction Issues and Challenges to Ensure Continuous Water Supply

Alberina Gashi, YWP – RWC Pristina, Kosova
Impact of Wastewater in Water Resources

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“Albanian Government Short-term Action Plan to Reduce NRW”

Bambos Charalambous, IWS Specialist Group, IWA
The Interrelation of Water Losses with IWS

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Satellite Based Leak Detection – Case studies: Mitrovica, Kosovo and Skopje, Macedonia

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“Licensing of Water Service Providers in Kosovo, Improvements from Experience”

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“Budapest Waterworks Experience in Management of Water Losses”

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Water Sector Reform – Successes and challenges of Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Company

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“Legislation Framework of Wastewater Management in Kosova

Fjola Beqiri, Water Regulatory Authority, Albania
“Customers and their Engagement in Water Supply and Sewerage Services”

Giacomo Festa, 3TI Progetti, Italy
“Implementation of Hydraulic Modelling for Water-Loss Reduction through BIM”

Hans-Dietrich Uhl, Head of Department, Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, Germany
Keynote Address

Ilir Rodiqi, Nomad Institute, Kosova
“Impact from Convergent Thinking in Managing Kosova Regional Water Companies”

István Láslzó, Budapest Waterworks, Hungary
An External Perspective in Provision of Solutions to the Balkans Region on Main Challenges in Water Supply Infrastructure Management”

Jadranka Ivanova, Supporting Albanian Negotiation in Environment, Chapter 27 Program
  “Water resource management in the process of EU negotiation for Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate Change”

Johannes Heeb, Swiss CEWAS NGO
“Integrity Management Toolbox for Albanian Water and Sewerage Utilities”

Jens Nowak, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany
  Wastewater Treatment Plants for Rural and Suburban Areas

Jens Nowak, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany
Notes for Design, Construction and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants in Albania

Katerina Schilling, International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area, Austria

“Danube Learning Partnership”

Láslzó Debreczeny, Budapest Waterworks, Hungary

“Flood and Drought Operation Management of Water Production Assets Based on Risk Assessment in Budapest, Hungary

Leonat Muskollari, GIZ, Albania
EU Support for the Wastewater Management and Treatment Services

Ljupka Dimoska Zajkov, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Macedonia
“Integrative River Basin Management”

Martin Wolff, EU Support to Integrated Water Management, Albania
“Integrated Water Management – A Mechanism to Coordinate and Monitor the Water Sector Reform in Albania”

Mohammed Shafei, Consultant, Jordan
Transitioning from IWS to 24×7 Supply – A practical Approach

Nadire Vitija, Water and Wastewater Works Association, Kosova
“HUB Bechmarking, Kosova and Albania”

Ndriçim Shani, Water Regulatory Authority, Albania
“Methodology for Tariffs Setting for Water Supply and Sewerage Services, Challenges – Review”

Oliver Nachevski, GIZ-ORF, Macedonia
Asset Management for Water Utilities in SEE Project (SEEAM): Results achieved 2017-2018

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Methodologies and Tools for AM: Innovative Cloud Based Approach

Radoslav Russev, Bulgaria
“Energy Efficiency in Water Supply and Sanitation Utilities”

Safet Luković, Vodovod Kotor, Montenegro
D-LeaP AM Project Implementation: Experience of Vodovod, Kotor

Shamil Rexhepi, Energy Regulatory Commission, Republic of Macedonia
“Implementation and Regulation of the Public Water Supply and Urban Waste Water Management in Macedonia, Current Situation and Challenges Faced by Regulator”

Spahi Isufaj, Jona Belshi, Albania
“Integrating NRW, Water Safety Plan and CBA in Water Management Platform”

Sener Polat, Rädlinger, GmbH, Germany
Relining of Water Mains with a Kevlar-Reinforced Composite Lining System

Sokol Duraku, Pristina Regional Water Company, Kosova
Financial Management Efficiency at RWC Prishtina

Sybe Schaap, Senator, Dutch Senate
Keynote Address

Thomas Breuer, Research Institute for Water and Waste Management at the RWTH Aachen (FiW), Germany
New Path for Sewage Sludge Recycling for Rural Areas – A Methodology for Sludge Disposal Concepts for Rural Areas

Vesna Muslic, AQUASAN, Bosnia and Herzegovina
“Implementing D-LeaP Capacity Development on Non-Revenue Water for Water Utilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

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Rural Water Infrastructure Management – Challenges of Implementing the Water Sector Reform

Wolfgang Pfeiffer, Landesdirektion Sachsen, Germany
Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive