The Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB), which was established in 2000, is a professional, not-for-profit Association of water supply and sewerage professionals, who wish to improve the management of the Water Supply and Sewerage Sector in Albania, making it efficient, sustainable and effective in accordance with the current laws and regulations in Albania. The Association is legally registered in the Court of Tirana.

SHUKALB vision is “Acknowledged leader in advancing quality performance and sustainability in the water sector“.

Mission Objectives:

  • To advocate the collective interests of professionals in the water sector in Albania.

  • To serve as a leading resource for knowledge, professional development and networking.

  • To invest time and resources to build awareness and attract future generations to seek a career in the water sector.

  • To be a positive force for mutual understanding, collaboration and regional partnerships in the Western Balkans.


The Water Supply and Wastewater Works Association of Kosovo (SHUKOS) is registered as a non-incorporated, non-profit Association of its members and founders which are the Regional Water Companies – JSC and Operating Units, in accordance with Law no. 03 / L-134 of the Republic of Kosovo. SHUKOS had a very good growth of activities during its first fifteen years, and today is a very professionally respected institution, both in Kosovo and abroad.

SHUKOS goal is to act as a link between its members to develop, promote and protect the common interests of the water and wastewater sector, towards the creation of a financially sustainable and capable sector to lead forward the general basics in their field of work.

Mission Objectives:

Protecting the interests of the water sector in Kosovo, through professional development and networking to develop and advocate for the members interests.

  • To be a Leader in service. Leadership to serve as a major source of knowledge;

  • Invest time and resources to build awareness and attract younger generations to pursue a career in the water sector;

  • Be a driving force for mutual understanding, towards regional cooperation and partnerships in the Western Balkans and beyond.