Prof. Enkelejda Gjinali (Chair of the Programme Committee), Principal Lecturer, Environmental Engineering Dept.
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania

Ms. Bora Kolbucaj, Head of Finance
Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Lezhë, Albania

Ms. Brunilda Xhixho, General Director Coordinator and Head of PR and Media
Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Tirana, Albania

Mr. Jovan Gjika, Projects Coordinator
National Agency of Water Supply-Sewerage and Solid Waste, Albania

Mr. Baton Begolli, Water Policy Advisor
Inter-Ministerial Water Council, Office of the Prime Minister, Kosova

Ms. Lumnije Zekaj, Waste Water Department Manager
Regional Water Company “Pristina”, Kosova

Mr. Mumin Morina, Technical Director
Regional Water Company “Hidromorava–Gjilan”, Kosova

Mr. Fadil Berisha, High Official for Reporting and Business Plan
Regional Water Company “Hidroregjioni Jugor–Prizren”, Kosova

Ms. Arbresha Dina, Internal Audit
Regional Water Company “Gjakova”, Kosova